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Purpose:  The purpose of this blog is share sermons delivered at Lost Creek and McCoysville Presbyterian Churches.  Since I don't preach from a manuscript, the only way to share them is through a podcast.

Why the Name:  You may be wondering about the title.  Lost Creek Presbyterian Church, in McAlisterville, is located at one end of Juniata County, Pennsylvania.  I have been the pastor there since 1999.  McCoysville Presbyterian Church is at the other end of the county.  I've been the Stated Supply Pastor there since 2003.  I like to joke that I cover the ends of the county and I let the other Presbyterian pastors cover the middle. (It's not entirely accurate but it's fun to say anyway.)  I also like to play soccer, which has goals at both ends of the field.  So my blog title is a metaphor for my ministry.

But the title also describes my hope for these sermons.  One of the goals every Christian should have is to grow closer to God.  To do this, we also need to grow in our understanding of the Bible, because it is the primary way God speaks to us.  It is my hope that these sermons cover those goals.

Narrative Lectionary:  One more note:  The Bible is a big book.  Many people get discouraged trying to read it, for a variety of reasons.  At Lost Creek and McCoysville we have been using the Narrative Lectionary.  It is a list of scriptures to read and preach on each Sunday to cover the whole story of the Bible from September through May.  We make our way through the Old Testament in the fall, the story of Jesus as told by one gospel during the winter, and the growth of the church in the New Testament in the spring.  Knowing the whole story of the Bible can help us better understand specific passages in the Bible.

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